Toptranslation REST-API

This documentation describes the Toptranslation API in version 1.0. See schema of the API for common information about the usage of the API, date and locale formats.


A request to the API is authenticated with an access token. You can create and manage access token in the client dashboard or Toptranslation will provide them when registering your application. The access token needs to be send to every endpoint that requires authentification as a URL parameter. For example:

Available endpoints

The Toptranslation REST-API offers the following endpoints:

Orders - /orders
Endpoint to manage users orders.
Translations - /translations
Endpoint to download translations.
Reference documents - /reference_documents
Endpoint to retrieve download urls for reference documents.
Quotes - /quotes
Endpoint to manage quotes.
Invoices - /invoices
Endpoint to manage invoices.
Cost centers - /cost_centers
Endpoint to manage cost centers.
Users - /users
Endpoint to manage users.
Locales - /locales
Endpoint to get a list of available locales.
Authentication - /auth
Endpoint to create and sign_in users.
Upload tokens - /upload_tokens
Endpoint to retrieve upload tokens for the document store.

Schema of the API

HTTPS is used for all requests to the API. The current version of this API is 1.0. The resulting base url is: Every endpoint response is in JSON notation.

File uploads and downloads - the DocumentStore

Documents and data are stored in different services. Therefore files are stored on the DocumentStore - the fileserver of Toptranslation. See the documentation for the Documents endpoint of the DocumentStore API for information about up- and downloading of documents.

The API uses the following HTTP methods:

Timestamps and date parameters

All timestamps and dates are in ISO 8601 notation: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ

Locale codes

The API uses locale codes in ISO 639 notation. A list of all currently available locales can be retrieved from the API under: