API 1.0

Orders endpoint

Orders are containers for multiple documents that should be translated. See Lifetime and state changes of an order for an example of a typical workflow for a full lifetime of an order.


List orders of user.
Create an order.
Update an order.
Retrieve information about an specific order.
List documents of an order.
Add a document to an order.
List quotes of an order.
List invoices of an order.
Create a rating for an order.

Lifetime and state changes of an order

A typical lifetime of an order and the state changes during it on the right.

POST /orders
State: new
POST /upload_tokens
2a. Upload documents to DocumentStore
Upload the documents to the DocumentStore using the file upload endpoint of the DocumentStore API.
POST /orders/:identifier/documents
PATCH /orders/:identifier/:request
4a. Optional quote workflow
Based on your requirements Toptranslation may provide a quote that needs to be accepted before it starts processing the translations.
GET /orders/:identifier/quotes
PATCH /quotes/:identifier/:accept
5. Delivery of translated documents
Configured webhooks may be triggered
GET /orders/:identifier/documents
GET /translations/:identifier/download