API 1.0 / Locales

GET /locales

List available locales

This method has the URL https://api.toptranslation.com/v1/locales and returns all cost centers of a user.


Returns an array of locales.

  meta: {
    status: 200
  data: [
      code: 'af',
      name: 'Afrikaans",
      tag_list: [ 'popular' ]
      code: "sq",
      name: "Albanian",
      tag_list: [ 'european' ]
      code: "am",
      name: "Amharic",
      tag_list: [ ]

Tags of locales

Locales have a tag_list attribute which may hold the following tags. Tags are used to group locales.

The locale is actively spoken in europe.
The locale is one of the most popular ordered locales.